Pro-Life GOPer Ken Buck Taking Heat On Abortion Views — From Pro-Lifers

Colorado Republican Senate nominee Ken Buck has probably become accustomed to taking heat from progressives and pro-choice groups for his abortion stance — he opposes it even in cases of rape or incest. But today, it’s pro-lifers who are taking their shots at Buck, holding a rally in Denver and accusing him of breaking campaign promises.“Ken Buck has already broken every pro-life campaign promise he made,” Lolita Hanks, president of American Right To Life Action, said in a press release announcing the rally, “including that he now recanted on his promises to fight for a state pro-life amendment to protect unborn children from the beginning of their development, to introduce a ban on abortion, and to not confirm pro-abortion judges.”

The group is rallying in front of Denver’s Byron White U.S. Courthouse today, and former Colorado candidate for governor Ben Goss plans to speak.

Buck’s stance on abortion and his perceived insensitivity to women’s issues have come up often during the campaign. As we reported today, Buck’s campaign has had to deal all week with the political repercussions of new attention to a rape care that he declined to prosecute as Weld County DA in 2005. Back in the primary, when he was running against former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton, Buck drew outrage when he said at a campaign event that people should vote for him because “he doesn’t wear high heels.”

The TPM Poll Average for this race shows Buck leading Bennnet 47.9%-44.1%.