PPP Poll: Feingold, Barrett Trailing In Wisconsin


The new Daily Kos/Public Policy Polling (D) survey of Wisconsin has more bad news for Democrats, with Sen. Russ Feingold – who we’ve noted is in trouble this fall — and gubernatorial nominee Tom Barrett both getting dragged down thanks to low enthusiasm from their base.

In the Senate race, Republican Ron Johnson leads Feingold by 52%-41%, compared to a Feingold edge of 45%-43% in the last PPP survey from June. In the gubernatorial race, Republican Scott Walker leads Barrett 50%-41%, compared to a 45%-38% Walker lead back in June. The survey of likely voters has a ±3.8% margin of error.

The TPM Poll Average for the Senate race gives Johnson a lead of 52.0%-42.8% over Feingold. The average for the gubernatorial race gives Walker a lead over Barrett of 50.1%-42.9%.

From the pollster’s analysis: “Wisconsin is seeing one of the most severe enthusiasm gaps in the country. If turnout matched 2008 Johnson would be leading Feingold only 47-46 and Barrett would be ahead of Walker 46-44. Right now these races look very difficult but if Democrats wake up between now and November they have the potential to become toss ups.”