Poll: Toomey Leads Both Specter And Sestak In Pennsylvania Senate Race

The new Rasmussen poll of Pennsylvania gives Republican former Rep. Pat Toomey a lead in this state’s U.S. Senate race, against either Democratic incumbent (and former Republican) Sen. Arlen Specter or Specter’s primary challenger, Rep. Joe Sestak.

Toomey leads Specter by 49%-40%, and he leads Sestak by 43%-35%. A month ago Toomey led Specter by 46%-42%, and led Sestak by 44%-38%. Toomey and Specter have quite a lot of history. Toomey challenged Specter in the 2004 Republican Senate primary, with Specter just barely surviving by 51%-49%. Last year, Specter switched parties because Toomey was running again, and polling showed that Toomey would win the rematch decisively because of Specter’s work with Democrats to pass the stimulus bill.

From the pollster’s analysis: “Just 41% of Pennsylvania voters favor the health care legislation currently before Congress while 57% are opposed. Those figures include 22% who Strongly Favor the legislation and 47% who are Strongly Opposed. Those who Strongly Oppose the health care plan overwhelmingly prefer Toomey over either Democrat. Those who Strongly Favor the plan prefer the Democrats.”