Poll: Specter And Sestak Tied In Dem Primary

The new Muhlenberg tracking poll of the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primary shows Rep. Joe Sestak closing fast on incumbent Democratic (and former Republican) Sen. Arlen Specter, with the two of them tied in today’s numbers.

Specter and Sestak are now at 43% apiece. In the May 2 poll, the most recent day that does not include any overlapping data, Specter was ahead by 48%-42%. The poll of likely Dem primary voters has a ±5% margin of error.

The TPM Poll Average for this primary gives Specter a lead of 46.6%-37.1%. The notable thing is that Specter’s support has stayed more or less within the same narrow range since last year, while Sestak has been climbing up since February. The primary will be held on May 18.