Poll: Public Opposes Extension Of Cash For Clunkers

A new Rasmussen poll finds that the public opposes an extension of the Cash For Clunkers program — but the program itself doesn’t get a failing grade.

A 44% plurality say that the program was a good idea, against 38% who say it was a bad idea.

Respondents were then asked this question, explaining the current problem: “The government initially planned to spend $950 million on the cash for clunkers program. That money has run out. Should Congress authorize additional funds to keep the program going or should it be cancelled?” The result was 33% in favor of extension, to 54% for canceling it.

Assuming that all the people who thought the program was a bad idea are also for canceling it, there appears to be an additional middle ground of folks who at once think the program was good, but also say that the amount that’s already been spent was enough.