Pence: O’Donnell ‘Has An Obligation To Explain’ Witchcraft Comments (VIDEO)

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) said today that “certainly Christine O’Donnell has an obligation to explain” her 1999 comment, “I dabbled into witchcraft.”Pence was on Good Morning America today. He told host George Stephanopoulos that though she should explain herself, Pence dismissed the media coverage of some of her comments. “You know, welcome to the silly season, George,” Pence said.

“What is bringing everyday Americans into the street, out to Tea Party rallies and town hall meetings is the realization that our government has run off the rails and the American people recognize they’ve got to take back the reins in their government,” he continued.

“I think they’re going to see-through this typical nit-picking, and ‘we’re going to pull things out of context,’ and ‘we’re going to try to put people in the worst possible light,'” Pence added.