Palin Gives Tancredo Last-Minute Endorsement In CO-GOV

Sarah Palin is swooping in to the Colorado gubernatorial race with a last minute endorsement for American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo.“BREAKING: Tancredo just received glowing endorsement from Sarah Palin – details forthcoming…” the Tancredo campaign wrote on its Facebook wall minutes ago. A link was then posted to an apparent robocall Palin recorded in support of his campaign (audio here).

“Tom is the right man for the job,” Palin says in the recording.

Tancredo, the former Republican Congressman noted for his vehement anti-immigration rhetoric, entered the gubernatorial race under the third-party’s banner in late July, after declaring his dissatisfaction with both potential Republican nominees. After Dan Maes won the Republican primary in August, polls showed Tancredo and Maes splitting the vote, and many predicted an easy victory for Democrat John Hickenlooper, the mayor of Denver. But Maes’ campaign implosion, and Tancredo’s successful fundraising efforts, have allowed Tancredo to rise in the polls. Maes has lost most of the support from Republicans and Tea Partiers who once backed him, while Tancredo has positioned himself as the defacto Republican in the race.

The TPM Poll Average for this race shows Hickenlooper (47.3) leading Tancredo (43.3) and Maes (6.1).

Maes’ few remaining supporters might counter that their candidate does have a Palin endorsement of his own, from Jim Palin, Sarah’s father-in-law.