Paladino: Cuomo ‘Should Be In Jail’ (VIDEO)

In an interview with Alan Colmes last night, New York Republican gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino said that his Democratic opponent Attorney General Andrew Cuomo “should be in jail, because he allowed [Steve] Rattner to walk.”

Rattner, former “car czar” for the Obama Administration, was accused of being involved in a New York pension fund scam that was under criminal investigation in April 2009. And Paladino said he would “absolutely” have Cuomo prosecuted if elected governor.Watch:

This probably won’t help Paladino’s image as a “loose cannon,” which is how 61% of likely voters view him, according to a Siena poll released today.

The TPM Poll Average shows Cuomo leading 53.2%-37.7%.

h/t Capital Tonight.