O’Donnell In 2008: Obama Is ‘Anti-American’ (VIDEO)

Christine O’Donnell, Republican nominee for senate in Delaware and anti-masturbation crusader, thought Barack Obama was anti-American before it was cool to think Barack Obama is anti-American.

Long before the Democratic presidential primary in 2008, O’Donnell said on Fox News that Republicans would rather run against Obama in the general election because “he’s soooo liberal. He’s anti-American.”

h/t MediaMatters.[TPM SLIDESHOW: Christine O’Donnell: Anti-Masturbation Crusader. Witchcraft Dabbler. Republican Senate Nominee.]

For example, O’Donnell said, “he’s beating the ‘change’ drum. But let’s look at the change. He did not vote for English as the official language. What does that say?”