NRSC Ad In Alaska: Obama And Pelosi ‘Want To Tell Us How To Live’ (VIDEO)

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has a new ad in the highly unusual Alaska Senate race, promoting Republican nominee Joe Miller in an election in which GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski continues to run as a write-in candidate despite her primary loss, and Democratic nominee Scott McAdams is hoping to sneak up from behind.

Interestingly, the ad makes no mention at all of Lisa Murkowski. Instead, the spot focuses on attacking the policies of President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi — appealing to Alaska’s traditional declarations of frontier libertarianism (though it is arguably something of a socialist welfare state in practice, with government ownership of oil resources and the equal distribution of revenue to all citizens).

“They’re out of control. Government takeovers, Wall Street bailouts, and Obamacare,” the announcer says. “They raised taxes by $500 billion, then told us we get fined if we don’t buy health insurance. They want to tell us how to live. To stop them, we need Joe Miller. Joe Miller will stand up for us, and fight back against big government intervention. Joe Miller is on our side.”

The TPM Poll Average gives Miller 34.5%, Murkowski 33.1%, and McAdams 27.5%.