NRCC Celebrates “Recess Roasting”

The NRCC is openly celebrating the disrupted town hall meetings that Democrats are running into, sending out a new series of e-mails to reporters headed “Recess Roastings,” linking to news articles about the events. They even have a fun logo:

The first e-mail was headed, “How’s That Healthcare “Offensive” Going? / Three Days Into August Sales Pitch, Dems Feel Heat Over Government Healthcare Takeover”; followed by, New Dem Message on Healthcare: Blame the Voters / Roaring Chants Interrupt Healthcare PR Campaign As Dems Lose Their Cool and Town Halls Turn Into “Town Hells”; and now, “Another Dem Skewered at Town Hall Over Healthcare Takeover / Voters Urge Dem Rep Driehaus to “Tell the Truth!” About Government-Run Plan.”

In a separate press release, NRCC communications director Ken Spain also said: “Democrats have gone from blaming Republican obstruction, to the insurance industry, to Matt Drudge, and now they are even blaming the voters who are registering their opposition at town halls across the country. At what point are they going to get the message that people simply don’t want a government takeover of healthcare and that they have misinterpreted their mandate from the American people?”

Check out an example of one of the messages, after the jump.

New Dem Message on Healthcare: Blame the Voters

Roaring Chants Interrupt Healthcare PR Campaign As Dems Lose Their Cool and Town Halls Turn Into “Town Hells”

Despite Dissent, Democrats Remain Delusional on Growing Opposition to Government-Run Health Care:

“This mob, sent by the local Republican and Libertarian parties, did not come just to be heard, but to deny others the right to be heard. And this appears to be part of a coordinated, nationwide effort. What could be more appropriate for the ‘party of no’ than having its stalwarts drowning out the voices of their neighbors by screaming ‘just say no!'” Doggett said in the statement. “Their fanatical insistence on repealing Social Security and Medicare is not just about halting health care reform but rolling back 75 years of progress. I am more committed than ever to win approval of legislation to offer more individual choice to access affordable health care. An effective public plan is essential to achieve that goal.” (Kevin Hechtkopf, “Rally Interrupts Dem Rep.’s Health Care Town Hall,” CBS News, 8/03/2009)

Recess Roasting: “Democrats’ Break Looking Like a Bad Trip”:

“Angry protesters shouted down Democrats at public events from Texas to Pennsylvania over the weekend, leaving the party only one real hope for getting its message out over recess: a backlash. In Austin, Texas, Rep. Lloyd Doggett was drowned out by a group of noisy, sign-waving demonstrators who shouted, “Just say no” as he tried to talk about health care reform. In an e-mail to POLITICO Monday, Doggett called the group a “mob, sent by the local Republican and Libertarian parties” that “came not just to be heard but to deny others the right to be heard.” In Morrisville, Pa., Rep. Patrick Murphy was forced to scrap plans for a one-on-one meet-the-congressman session when people in the crowd started shouting. Murphy switched to a town hall format mid-event and even then had to ask the audience at times to “be respectful.” (Alex Isendstadt, “Democrats’ break looking like a bad trip,” Politico, 8/04/2009)

Recess Roasting: “Shouting Overwhelms Kagen Forum on Health Care”:

“The vast majority of people attending the event appeared to come in protest of the health-care legislation, and they repeatedly disrupted the event by shouting. The crowd’s size and vocal frustration grabbed the attention of Green Bay police, who arrived soon after the event began to keep the peace. Capt. Rick Demro said no one was arrested. Kagen never battled the crowd’s volume, but voiced his concerns several times about its attitude. If the event were a shouting match, the mob won. Kagen tried talking about the health-care bill, but the roaring chants deafened his attempts. Several elderly people covered their ears and grimaced at the level of noise.” (Keegan Kyle, “Shouting Overwhelms Kagen forum on health care,” Greenbay Press Gazette, 8/04/2009)