NRA Flier: “Prepare For The Storm”

A reader of ours who recently bought a new pistol (Yep — liberals purchase handguns, too!) sent us this interesting flier from the National Rifle Association, which was included in the box:

(Click image to enlarge.)

Here at TPM, we wondered exactly what the NRA meant by “Prepare For The Storm.” Was this some kind of dog whistle — a hidden extremist message, such as we might see from a white supremacist group like Storm Front?

Mark Potok, director of the South Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, informed me that thankfully it’s not a Neo-Nazi reference — but it is batty.“This to me is typically disgusting NRA verbiage,” said Potok. “I mean, what they are really saying is that Obama will destroy the world, that our country is at the edge of a precipice. It’s no surprise however, coming from a gang of people that back in the 90s described federal law enforcement agents as jackbooted thugs coming to do in good Americans. It’s simple scaremongering.”

Phone calls to the NRA, inquiring as to what they mean by “Prepare For The Storm,” were not returned.