MoveOn Accuses GOP Of Taking Women ‘Back To The Back Alley’ (VIDEO) is launching a new a television ad campaign today that fires off a hard-hitting take on the current abortion fight in Congress. As bills to limit federal funding for abortion — bills that pro-choice advocates say will limit access for women who want to pay for abortion coverage through private insurers — work their way through the Republican-controlled House, the progressive group is turning to Hollywood to help paint the legislation as a return to the ugly old days of back alley abortions.

The new MoveOn spot, which will begin running on cable nationwide and specifically on Oxygen network for a week, stars actress Lisa Edelstein, best known for her role on the Fox primetime hit House.

The ad pulls no punches, offering a shot of a coat hanger hanging in a closet at the end.

“Why is the G.O.P. trying to send women back,” Edelstein asks, “to the back alley?”Watch: