Mitt’s Open-Mic Night At Values Voter Summit (VIDEO)

Some say it’s a sign that Mitt Romney is trying to folksy up his rich guy image. Some say it’s the perfect video definition of the phrase “don’t quit your day job.” Whatever your thoughts, it’s the sign of things to come.

Addressing the crowd at the Values Voter Summit this morning, Romney banged on President Obama and Democrats in a speech that should probably be seen as a prequel of his 2012 Republican presidential primary stump speeches. To keep the audience engaged, Romney spat out a series of one-liners that felt as pre-written as their delivery was clearly rehearsed. We’ve assembled them for you here.

[TPM SLIDESHOW: Morals, Morals, Morals! Conservatives Gather For Values Voter Summit]

So is Romney funny? Well, this was the funniest joke from his speech today. You be the judge.

“Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Obama,” he said. “Their numbers have been going down a chute faster than a Jet Blue flight attendant.Watch:

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