Minnesota Dem Spokesman: “It’s Very Telling” That GOP Is Already Talking About Appeals

Minnesota Democratic spokesman Eric Fought gave TPM this statement, in response to the repeated invocation of Bush v. Gore by Senate Republicans regarding the Minnesota Senate race:

“Minnesota isn’t Florida. Minnesota has a long and proud tradition of conducting meticulously fair elections and has rightfully earned a reputation of having one of the best election systems in the country. Attacking the hard-working men and women who conduct our elections does nothing but show the desperation these Washington insiders are experiencing.

“It’s very telling that Republicans are talking about appeals before this case has been decided. They know what Minnesotans know — that Al Franken received the most votes on Election Day. And while Norm Coleman and his friends in Washington may want to drag this out for as long as possible, Senator-elect Franken is prepared to get to work for the people of Minnesota.”