After Losing Fight To Derail Trump, Sen. Mike Lee Still Won’t Endorse Him


Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) fought hard all the way through the convention to block Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination, but Tuesday night Utah’s delegates’ votes went to Donald Trump anyway – and Lee still won’t endorse him.

Lee said he could still eventually support Trump, but on the evening Trump was officially nominated Lee said he has still has not seen Trump prove he’s the kind of constitutional conservative Lee wants him to be.

“We’ll see,” Lee said of the potential for him to endorse Donald Trump. “I have told Mr. Manafort, Sen. Sessions, a whole bunch of other people close to Donald Trump, what I want to see from our nominee, what I think we need …is a real dedication toward restoring the structural protections in the Constitution,” Lee said, referring to Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and Sen. Jeff Session (R-AL), an early Trump endorser.

“They are aware of what I’d like to see,” Lee said.

After a floor fight Monday night and threats made against the Utah delegation, Utah’s delegates still didn’t cast their votes for Trump Tuesday night, but because of how the RNC interpreted a state party rule, the votes went to Trump anyway.

“This is our system. It’s the one we got. This is what has happened,” said Lee, who originally supported Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the primaries. “Look I supported my friend Ted.”