Michele Bachmann Says ‘Iowa’ 14 Times In 2012 Kick-Off Speech (VIDEO)

We already told you Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN) official entry into the presidential contest was Iowa-heavy.

Here’s how Iowa-heavy: she dropped the name of the state 14 times in a 21-minute speech.Bachmann’s a native of the state which will hold the first contest of the 2012 presidential race next year, and she’s also doing well in polls there. So it makes sense that she’s talking about Iowa — a good showing there could be the difference between her campaign being taken seriously and, well, more questions about her flakiness.

So Bachmann’s trying to make it clear to Iowans that she loves that state of theirs. It seems hard to imagine that Iowans wouldn’t get the message after hearing hearing her give them shoutout after shoutout Monday morning.

Here, thanks to TPM video slinger Michael Lester, are all 14 mentions of Iowa in Bachmann’s speech: