Michele Bachmann Gets A Super PAC


Supporters of Michele Bachmann are launching an independent Super PAC to help elect her president, making her the third Republican candidate with the backing of an organization that can accept unlimited donations.

Founder Bob Harris told CNN on Thursday that the new organization Keep Conservatives United will run ads in Iowa playing up Bachmann’s record in Congress while also lobbing attacks at Rick Perry, who is expected to enter the race soon.

“Bachmann has the guts to fight the Washington establishment and Rick Perry is just a spoiler,” Harris told CNN. “I think his record is not what people think it is.”

Super PACs are not allowed to coordinate with the candidates, but can accept unlimited donations, including from corporations. Mitt Romney supporters have raised over $12 million so far for the Super PAC Restore Our Future, which made headlines this month after one donor, former Bain Capital executive Ed Conard, contributed $1 million indirectly through a mysterious corporation that closed within months. Perry backers have already launched multiple competing Super PACs that are currently battling for his supporters’ favor.