Michael Steele Could Announce Bid For Second RNC Term Tomorrow

According to multiple reports this morning, embattled Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele could finally make it publicly known whether or not he intends to seek a second term.

In an email sent to RNC voting members send last night, Steele announced a “private conference call” for the GOP leaders nationwide who will determine who leads the RNC for the next two years.

Steele has yet to announce whether he’ll seek a second term as the field of Republicans interested in replacing him fills up. Politico reports “key supporters” of Steele expect he’ll decline to run again.That field got one name longer Friday when former RNC deputy chair Mary Cino formally entered the race for chair. Cino’s name has been floated for weeks, and her bid enjoys the support of Vice President Dick Cheney as well as other big names from the Bush era.

The next RNC chair will be chosen by the committee’s 168 voting members in mid-January.