Meg Whitman’s Spanish Ad: She Opposes Arizona’s Immigration Law (VIDEO)

Meg Whitman, the former eBay CEO and Republican nominee for governor of California, has a new Spanish-language ad targeting the Latino community — and making it clear that she’s a “different kind of candidate,” and she opposes the anti-illegal immigration law in neighboring Arizona.

“Meg Whitman is a different kind of candidate. She’s a business leader ready to fix Sacramento, ready to create more jobs and better schools in California,” the announcer says. “She respects our community. She’s the Republican who opposes Arizona’s law, and she opposed Prop. 187. She stands for a real change. She has a specific plan for a new California, with more jobs, better schools and less bureaucracy. It includes all of us. Meet Meg Whitman, a different kind of candidate, and the governor that California needs.”

(Translation by Eric Lach.)