Meek Radio Ad: ‘Don’t Be Fooled,’ Crist Is A Republican (AUDIO)

Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-FL), the Democratic nominee in the Florida Senate race, has a new radio ad out attacking independent Gov. Charlie Crist — and seeking to undermine any feeling among Dem voters that Crist could end up caucusing with the Democrats.

The ad declares that Crist’s “home” is with the GOP, and features audio of various statements that Crist made when he was a Republican. Examples include, “I’m a Jeb Bush Republican,” “I was impressed at Governor Palin being picked,” and “I’m about as conservative as you can get.”

“Now Charlie Crist is running for Senate as an independent — while he still supports extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy,” says the announcer. “Don’t be fooled. If Charlie Crist gets to Washington, his heart will lead him right back where he belongs.”

The TPM Poll Average gives Republican Marco Rubio a narrow lead with 35.2%, followed by Crist at 34.7% — and Meek way behind for now with 17.8%.