Manchin Web Ads: John Raese Is An Imperial Storm Trooper (VIDEO)

Democratic Senate candidate Joe Manchin has an amazing set of new Web videos in the West Virginia Senate race — possibly the best Web-based campaign spots of the whole cycle. Remember that fun moment when Republican nominee John Raese said that the country needs “1,000 laser systems put in the sky, and we need it right now,” and said it would only cost $20 billion? Well, now Manchin’s campaign is connecting that to Raese’s other positions — and also to the Death Star and those white-armored storm troopers.

“We need 1,000 laser systems put int he sky, and we need it right now,” Raese is shown saying in the video clip.

Then in comes that John Williams Darth Vader theme music, images of people in storm trooper costumes on parade, and laser beams from the sky wiping out a public school, clean drinking water and a Social Security card. The final image: John Raese’s head on a storm trooper body, with laser beams raining down upon Earth in the background.

“John Raese’s ideas aren’t just crazy — they’re downright dangerous,” the announcer says.

And there are more, too.

Here’s a video that also goes for the Star Wars angle — also taking video from that Manchin ad where he distanced himself from the national Dems by shooting a “cap and trade bill” with a rifle. Only now, he’s shooting a TIE fighter that was dispatched by Raese to commit havoc upon schools and workers, as the heroic Star Wars theme provides score music.

And this one goes for an Austin Powers angle, likening Raese to Doctor Evil and his laser-obsessions — along with a desire for sharks, “One-hundred billion dollars!” and other Doctor Evil motifs:

The TPM Poll Average gives Manchin a narrow lead of 47.3%-46.4%.