Lincoln: Sure, I’ll Debate Halter — As Soon As He Takes A Stand On Card Check Legislation

Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) would be happy to debate Lt. Gov. Bill Halter — but only if he takes a clear stand on the Employee Free Choice Act (the flagship legislation of the labor movement), her campaign announced in a release last night.“My stand on this legislation is the reason D.C. Unions are in Arkansas spending nearly $10 million attacking me and misrepresenting my record,” Lincoln said in the statement. “Arkansans know my record, and they deserve to know where Bill stands. If we are going to debate the issues, we both have to be willing to take a stand on the issues.”

The Halter campaign called Lincoln’s statement “typical Washington hypocrisy.”

According to The Hill, a Halter spokesman said, “This is exactly why we need to have a debate and exactly why she’s trying to avoid one.”

Lincoln and Halter are neck and neck in the state’s June 8 Democratic Senate primary runoff. The TPM Poll Average shows Lincoln leading Halter 45.2% to 45.1%.