Labor Group’s Radio Ad Hits GOP Leader: Rush Limbaugh

Americans United For Change, the labor-backed political group that is currently campaigning for President Obama’s stimulus package, has a new round of radio ads tying the GOP to Barack Obama’s most vocal critic at this point: Rush Limbaugh, who is taking on the role of the true Leader of the Opposition in the current media environment.

The radio ads are running in the Cleveland, Reno and Philadelphia media markets, targeting the Republican Senators from those states. Here’s the one for Pennsylvania:

“Every Republican voted with Limbaugh, and against creating 4 million new American jobs,” the announcer says, referring to the House Republicans’ unanimous vote against the stimulus package.

The announcer goes on to say: “Will our Senator, Arlen Specter, side with Rush Limbaugh too” –interrupted by Limbaugh’s “I hope he fails!” interjection — “or will he reject the partisanship and failed economic policies of the past, and stand up for the people of Pennsylvania?”