Khazei Calls On Scott Brown To Apologize For Fake Twitter Feed

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alan Khazei isn’t letting the revelation that Sen. Scott Brown’s (R-MA) campaign team is behind a fake Twitter feed that’s been attacking him pass without making some political hay.

“Sen. Brown should denounce these tactics, immediately close the fake Twitter account and apologize to the citizens of Massachusetts,” Khazei Chief of Staff Emily Cherniack said in a statement.The mock Twitter feed, @CrazyKhazei, was anonymously lobbing arrows Khazei’s way until today, when some bloggers picked up on a tweet from Brown (and Mitt Romney) adviser Eric Fehrnstrom which appeared to out him as the man behind the political attacks.

The Hill‘s Justin Sink describes what the feed was like:

The “CrazyKhazei” Twitter account is a parody of Khazei’s inner thoughts, in the vein of the “MayorEmanuel” account, an oft-profane mockery of Rahm Emanuel during his Chicago mayoral campaign.

For example, one tweet reads: “I want to thank my charity, Be the Change, for subsidizing my Senate campaign by paying me $10k a month. Wink.” And the bio of the account reads: “I’m a community organizer. I got crushed by Martha Coakley in the 2009 US Senate primary. I’m running because we need more Democrats in the MA delegation.”

Neither Ferhnstrom, Brown or Romney’s campaign responded to a request for comment on the Khazei campaign statement.

Khazei seems to be milking the mini-scandal for all it’s worth.

“Instead of launching anonymous personal attacks against Alan Khazei, Sen. Scott Brown and his team should focus their time and energy on growing our economy and putting Massachusetts citizens back to work,” Cherniack said.