Kasich Ad: ‘I Didn’t Run Lehman Brothers’ (VIDEO)

Former Rep. John Kasich, the Republican nominee for governor of Ohio, has a new TV ad in which he tells the people of the Buckeye State an important message: He did not run Lehman Brothers.

“Ohio’s lost 400,000 jobs under Ted Strickland. He can’t campaign on his record, so he and his friends try to tear me down,” Kasich says to the camera. “Here’s the truth: I didn’t run Lehman Brothers. I was one of 700 managing directors. I worked in a two-man office in Columbus.”

Kasich has been attacked by Strickland and the Democrats for his time with Lehman Brothers, when he was a managing director in Columbus for their investment-banking division. And clearly Kasich wants to change the subject back to the bad economy. The TPM Poll Average currently shows Strickland edging Kasich by 43.3%-42.9%.