Jon Stewart Talks Nazis, Whores, And Other ‘Unforced Errors’ Of The Election (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart looked at the “unforced errors” of this campaign season last night, including a moment when an associate of Democratic California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown was caught on tape calling his opponent Meg Whitman a “whore,” or, as Fox News’ Martha MacCallum called it, “a name that is usually reserved for prostitutes.” Jon was confused: “Desiree? Cinnamon? Lucinda J. Knobgobbler?”

Stewart also talked about Ohio Republican Congressional candidate and Nazi reenator Rich Iott: “You know, Ronald Reagan’s first rule: Never attack a fellow Republican. His second rule: Never dress up like a Nazi.”And then there’s New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, who attacked his opponent Andrew Cuomo for taking his kids to a gay pride parade. Stewart said: “That’s Carl Paladino, making the case that he is the family values candidate, because he would never take either one of his two simultaneous families to a gay pride parade.”


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Indecision 2010 – Unforced Errors Edition
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