Jon Stewart Blasts Darrell Issa’s ‘Punanny State’

Remember the all-male panel convened last week on the Obama administration’s birth control rule? Or, as Jon Stewart called the uproar on Monday, the “punanny state.”The panel featured one outlandish statement after another, Stewart said, including testimony equating a religious institution being required to cover birth control to a kosher deli being forced to serve pork. Stewart, eating a pastrami sandwich, had something to say about that.

“Your parable about the kosher deli, while delicious, makes no fucking sense,” he said. “Nobody’s forcing the kosher deli owner to serve ham. In the metaphor, it’s more like the owner of the kosher deli is refusing to pay taxes because his money could go to food stamps, which someone might theoretically use to buy ham.”

Watch the video:

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The Punanny State
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