Jerry Brown Releases His First CA-GOV Ad: ‘Enough Already!’ (VIDEO)


California Attorney General and former Gov. Jerry Brown, who is running for governor again, released his first ad today, hitting Republican opponents Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner for their campaign spending, and exclaiming: “Enough already!”The ad criticizes Whitman and Poizner for spending more than $110 million collectively on the campaign, and contends: “Partisanship is poisonous. We need to work together as Californians first.”

Brown’s spokesperson, Sterling Clifford, told TPMDC this afternoon that the ad is not on the air yet, and the campaign has not yet decided whether the ad will run on television or not. The 30-second spot was sent to Brown supporters in an email today.

Steve Poizner’s campaign released the following statement in response:

Just like Jerry Brown’s failed tenure as governor, this ad looks like it was produced in the late 1970’s. Steve Poizner has been offering specific plans to fix California for the past year, while Jerry Brown has sat on the sidelines coddling the unions that are bankrupting California. Voters are not looking to be led back down the broken path that Jerry Brown dragged them through 30 years ago, they are looking for a reformer and that is exactly what Steve Poizner will offer in November.

Brown, who is known for his colorful personal life (including his practice of Zen Meditation, which earned him the nickname “Governor Moonbeam” during his tenure as Governor), has been picking up steam against his opponents.

The TPM Poll Average finds Brown ahead in the general election, leading Whitman 44.4%-39.8%, and leading Poizner 46.6%-33.5%.

Additional reporting by Evan McMorris-Santoro.