Huntsman Dings Perry: ‘Call Me Crazy’ But I Believe In Evolution And Global Warming

Jon Huntsman is often regarded as too moderate a Republican to qualify for the GOP’s presidential nomination — he does, after all, support civil unions for gay couples, and served in the Obama administration as Ambassador to China. And his latest comments might not help fix that: Slamming Rick Perry’s denial of global warming and non-answer on evolution.

Thursday afternoon, Huntsman tweeted:

To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.

Hmm. Huntsman is running for the Republican nomination for president, and just tweeted that comment. Maybe we can call him crazy.About one minute after posting his confidence in scientific consensus and expertise, Huntsman quickly tweeted an attack on President Obama’s economic performance:

And also, with the jobs crisis this country faces, President Obama should be calling Congress back to DC, not going on a 10 day vacation.

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