Huckabee: Republican Midterm Wins Help Obama In 2012 (VIDEO)

Mike Huckabee has an interesting take on how the recent Republican victories could affect the 2012 presidential race: He says it could help President Obama win re-election, by allowing him to position himself against Congress.

Huckabee said on The View: “I think it’s gonna be harder to beat Barack Obama than a lot of Republicans are thinking, because he is the president, he’s gonna have a billion dollars starting out in his war chest. There is an extraordinary advantage of an incumbent.

“And I’ll tell you something else people don’t think about: a divided government is good for the executive branch. The gift that the Republicans gave to him was that they’re gonna control at least the House of Representatives, and they don’t have — and he doesn’t have a filibuster-proof Senate. What that means is that when the executive and the legislative branches fight, the executive always wins. I was a governor ten and a half years with a very, overwhelming Democrat legislature. If you get something done, it’s because you’re a great consensus-builder.”

Who knew this was possible: A politician making a very interesting and profound statement on The View?