House Democrats HCR Summit List Includes Blue Dogs, Progressives

Congressional Quarterly/Newscom

TPMDC has learned the additional House Democrats who will attend Thursday’s health care summit at the White House.

In addition to the relevant committee chairmen and Democratic leadership, each side was allowed to invite a handful of members.

A leadership aide tells us that on the House Democrats’ side, they are Reps. Xavier Becerra (CA), Louise Slaughter (NY), Rob Andrews (NJ) and Jim Cooper (TN).Andrews, chairman of a health subcommittee of the Education and Labor Committee, is not a fan of the excise tax that’s included in the Senate version of the bill and in President Obama’s plan he outlined yesterday.

Becerra is a key progressive, Cooper is a Blue Dog who was instrumental in the Clinton health care effort in the 1990s.

Slaughter is chairman of the Rules Committee.

Additional reporting by Brian Beutler.