Hoffman Camp, Right-Wing Bloggers Accuse Dems Of Slashing Supporter’s Car — Police Say He Drove Over Bottle

Earlier today, the Hoffman campaign and conservative bloggers threw a fit over a very nefarious accusation: That somebody had slashed the tire of a Hoffman poll-watcher’s pickup truck.

“Hoffman Poll Watcher Has Tires Slashed,” blared Red State, with photos of the truck and its flat tire. And Hoffman himself chimed in.

“We just had a report that one of our pollsters in Clinton County just had their tires slashed,” Hoffman said. “So I think the Democrats are doing everything they possibly can to steal this election away from the 23rd District.”

However, the Wall Street Journal reports that the local police captain said there’s another explanation: “This was not a tire slashing–this was some guy who drove over a bottle and cut his tire.”

Amusingly, Red State updated their post as follows: “[updated:] Local police are not willing to confirm it was a tire slashing and say it could be that the poll watcher ran over a bottle.”