GOPer Mike Castle To Run For Joe Biden’s Senate Seat


In a very positive development for national Republicans, Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE) will be running for Senate in 2010, in the November special election for Vice President Joe Biden’s former Senate seat, and he will make his announcement at noon.

A GOP source has confirmed the news to TPM.

Castle has never lost a race during his political career of more than 40 years, serving in the state legislature, as Lt. governor, governor, and as the state’s lone member of the House. A recent Rasmussen poll had him leading a likely appointment, state Attorney General Beau Biden (son of Joe Biden), by 47%-42%.

It’s way too early to make any firm predictions about this race, as both candidates have their pluses and minuses. But this should definitely be a competitive race, and a potential pick-up for the GOP as they seek to bring the Democrats below 60 seats again.