GOP Presses House Dems To Hold One Vote On Extending All Bush Tax Cuts

Ron Sachs

Republicans are underscoring Democratic disunity on tax cuts by challenging them to hold an up or down vote on preserving all of the Bush tax cuts.

The National Republican Congressional Committee today rolled out a new website called “Democrat Tax Tracker.” It contains a spreadsheet listing the names of dozens of House Democrats in marginal districts, paired with their recent voting records on the estate tax and President Obama’s 2009 budget, and a big question mark: whether the member has called for an up or down vote on extending the 2001 Bush tax cuts.One of the goals is obviously to put vulnerable Democrats on the spot during a tough campaign season. But another is to prevent Speaker Nancy Pelosi from holding two votes: one on extending tax cuts on the first $250,000 of income, and another on extending tax cuts to only wealthy Americans. If she does that, Republicans might lose. But if Republicans can create enough pressure on Pelosi within her own party they might be able to block her.

You can see the full spreadsheet here.