GOP PAC Director Tells Reporter: “Shut Up And Listen”

Here’s an amusing item from the special election for Kirsten Gillibrand’s old House seat.

Yesterday, the Albany Times-Union reported that an attack ad from the National Republican Trust PAC was pulled from the local NBC station. The station’s general manager said the PAC didn’t provide documentation of its claims against Democratic candidate Scott Murphy.

Now today, the Times-Union reporter Irene Jay Liu has posted an mp3 of a rather interesting phone call from last night with the PAC’s executive director Scott Wheeler, insisting that the ad was never pulled — that he did provide backup to NBC and it was accepted with almost no modification — and defending the accuracy of the claims:

Wheeler repeatedly accused Liu of printing talking points from the Murphy campaign. “I’m sorry, you’re speaking so loudly that I actually can’t understand a word you’re saying,” said Liu. “I’m sorry, could you–”

Wheeler replied: “Well shut up and listen, and then you can hear.”

The NBC general manager later reiterated to Liu that they haven’t received documentation, and that they were told to pull the ad and a new version would be coming.