Gibbs: Palin An Example Of People Spreading Misinformation

At the White House press briefing just now, Robert Gibbs specifically named Sarah Palin as a person who has been spreading false information about the administration’s health care plan — clearly a reference to the “death panel” smear, though he did not bring up that specific allegation.

Gibbs was asked for an example of people who have been spreading the disinformation he’s complained about. “I think you’ve seen certain elected officials give out information that was wrong,” said Gibbs.

When pressed further for an example, Gibbs replied: “Well, Sarah Palin gave out information that I think many of you all pointed out was wrong, just on Friday. So that’s one.”

It was then pointed out to Gibbs that Palin isn’t an elected official anymore.

“Well fair enough,” Gibbs replied, with a bit of a smile. “I promoted her, I guess, to current Alaska Governor rather than former.”