Franken: “Why Am I Grumpy? Oh, I Know Why”

Al Franken did an interview with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, where he discussed the very unconventional transition process that he’s gone through without being an official Senator-elect.

His recently-hired staffers, a state director and a chief of staff, are actually working for free, because Franken has no office budget. When Franken has travelled to Washington, he’s either paid out of his own pocket or from the campaign’s legal fund — which itself has been the focus of a lot of fundraising activity. And he really does wish he could be involved in the important decisions being made in Washington.

Franken had a funny take on it, saying it was odd but not the worst personal crisis that can happen. “And every once in a while I’ll find myself, I’ll get grumpy,” he said. “And I’ll go, why am I grumpy? Oh, I know why — waiting for five and a half months to see what happens! (laughing) That’s why.”