#Fail: Republicians [sic] Take On Baron Hill In Indiana (VIDEO)

The National Republician Campaign Committee is running an ad against Democratic House incumbent Baron Hill of Indiana.

No, that’s not our typo, it’s theirs.

Hill has served his district since 1999, but was booted from Congress for one term by Republican Mike Sodrel in 2005 only to return to Congress in 2007. Now the GOP is trying to take the seat back yet again by tying him to Democratic leadership.

So confident are Republicans that they can convince Hoosiers to fire Hill that they’ve let their copy editors take a month-long vacation ahead of recess.Read closely:

Yup: Republician. Like a pediatrician, except for Republicans. #fail.

You can see the ad below. According to TPM’s PollTracker, the district hasn’t been polled for months, but Hill had a narrow lead this past spring.