The Daily Show Debates: Media Says Obama’s Not ‘Getting It’ — What’s The ‘It’? (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart enlisted Jason Jones, Wyatt Cenac, and John Oliver last night to help him figure out what cable news pundits mean when they say President Obama’s post-election press conference shows that he just “doesn’t get it.” Jones looked to the moment when Obama made his entrance and walked up to the podium: “Do you see ‘it’? I didn’t see ‘it.’ It’s a pretty crucial moment, where he needs to show some fight. He shouldn’t have strolled in, he should have rolled in — on those sneakers with the wheels and the blinking lights on them.”

Wyatt agreed: “That’s what Reagan did in ’82. Why? Because he had ‘it.'”

John Oliver pointed to history as well: “When Taft suffered a midterm defeat in 1911, did he drag his ass to the podium like a kid going to he dentist?”

Wyatt replied: “No, Taft was one ‘it’-having motherfucker.” Jason agreed: “Taft wasn’t fat. Those were layers of ‘it.'”[TPM SLIDESHOW: Sanest Of The Sane? Top 25 Signs From The Stewart/Colbert Rally]


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