DSCC Ad Slams Ken Buck On Social Security – And Direct Election Of Senators (VIDEO)

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has a new ad in the Colorado Senate race, going after Republican nominee Ken Buck on the perennial issue of Social Security — and a more peculiar issue from the Tea Party movement, his past support for repealing the direct election of Senators. The ad is a clear sign that Dems will try to hang GOP candidates on the statements they made during the primaries, when they were busy appealing to the Tea Partier primary voter base.

“Listen to Ken Buck on Social Security,” the announcer says, followed by video of Buck at a Tea Party candidates forum back in March: “It is fundamentally against what I believe.”

“Listen to Buck on whether he’d rewrite the Constitution and end our right to vote for our own Senators,” the announcer also says, again followed by Buck footage from June: “The short answer is yes.”

Buck has since disavowed that statement on the direct election of Senators, and says he doesn’t propose changing that Constitutional Amendment.

The TPM Poll Average gives Buck a lead of 46.0%-42.8% over incumbent Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet.