DSCC Ad: ‘Lisa Murkowski Has Gone Washington’ (VIDEO)

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has a new ad in the Alaska Senate race attacking Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski as the GOPer tries to win re-election in a nearly unprecedented write-in campaign.

The ad casts Murkowski as a Washington insider who no longer represents the state: “Maybe it was the fancy cocktail parties. Or all those pretty monuments. Whatever the reason – Lisa Murkowski has gone Washington.”

The announcer then attacks Murkowski for having voted for deficit-raising budgets in 2003 and 2005, and for supporting Social Security privatization – and for voting for the TARP Wall Street bailout. TARP, of course, was actively supported by the Democratic leadership and then-Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), alongside then-President George W. Bush and the Republican leadership.

One has to wonder how much this ad is intended to win votes for Democrat Scott McAdams, such as the Social Security attack, and how much the other issues could be an effort to push conservative voters back over to Tea Party-supported GOP nominee Joe Miller, thus splitting the vote.

The TPM Poll Average gives Murkowski 40.4%, Miller 29.5%, and McAdams 23.1%.