Dem Sen. Pryor: “Activist Judges Have No Place On The Highest Court Of The Land”

Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR), has released this statement on the Sotomayor nomination — expressing some possible skepticism from the relatively conservative end of the Democratic caucus:

I would expect President Obama, a former constitutional law professor, to select a high-caliber nominee who shares a deep respect for our Constitution and the rule of law. Indeed, Judge Sotomayor has impeccable credentials and an extraordinary American story. It is also critically important that she possess the proper judicial temperament and the ability to be fair and impartial. I believe this criterion is essential; activist judges have no place on the highest court of the land. That’s why I plan to carefully review Judge Sonia Sotomayor judicial record and philosophy as the Senate confirmation process advances.

U.S. Supreme Court nominees deserve a high threshold of review. I believe Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation hearing should be rigorous, but fair. I am encouraged that her earlier nominations to the bench – by both a Democratic and Republican president — have received strong, bipartisan support. It is my hope the Senate can carry out its constitutional duty in a similar fashion with good-faith and civility, and not allow rhetoric to cloud the confirmation process.