Dem Radio Ad Goes After GOP Candidate For Gillibrand’s Seat On Stimulus, Executive Pay

The DCCC has a new radio ad out in their effort to attack Jim Tedisco, the Republican candidate for Kirsten Gillibrand’s former House seat, over his refusal to take a definite position on how he would have voted on the stimulus bill — and they throw in some other issues, too:

“But Jim Tedisco refuses to say whether he supports President Obama’s economic policies,” the announcer says. “Jim Tedisco even refuses to say whether he supports the stimulus.” The ad later expands this theme into Dem candidate’s support for executive pay caps: “Scott Murphy supports caps on executive compensation for companies receiving federal bailout money, too. Jim Tedisco? Again, he refuses to say.”

Republicans have a serious chance of winning this seat, thanks to its historic Republican lean (though Barack Obama narrowly carried it in 2008) and the fact that Tedisco comes into the race with much higher name recognition as a state legislator than the Democrat does as a first-time candidate. But the Democrats obviously think that economic populism could be a real winner here, and are building their campaign around President Obama’s popularity and the stimulus bill.