Dem McAdams Ad In AK-SEN: I’ve Been Cursed At In Norwegian On A Fishing Boat (VIDEO)

Scott McAdams, the Democratic nominee in the topsy-turvy Alaska Senate race, has a new ad introducing himself to the voters of the state as a regular guy aboard a fishing boat — getting cursed at in Norwegian.

McAdams is running against Republican lawyer Joe Miller and incumbent GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who is running as a write-in candidate after she lost her primary. Recent polling has put Miller in first, Murkowski in second, and McAdams in third. McAdams’s ad shows him on a rustic fishing boat, with his voiceover narration asking voters to look past the race’s soap opera aspects.

“This is a long way from D.C. I’m Scott McAdams, and I’m not your usual Senate candidate. I grew up in Petersburg, was a deckhand in the Bering Sea, went to college in Sitka, and married up. I’ve been a teacher, a mayor, and a dad. Here’s the difference between me, Joe and Lisa: They think this campaign is all about them. I think it’s about Alaska, and getting our fair share.

“I approved this message — because after you’ve been cursed at in Norwegian, you can take on anyone.”