DCCC Posts Target List For This Year’s Elections, Looking To Play Offense

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced today a list of target races for 26 House seats, almost all of them held by the GOP.

The list is a sign that the Democrats aren’t intending to totally play defense this year. It is of course a widely-held view that the Democrats will lose seats this year, and probably a significant amount, after two consecutive wave elections in which they’ve gotten all the way up to 257 House seats.

But for their part, the Democrats are trying to stay on offense. “These strong candidates are getting the attention of folks back home because of their willingness to be independent voices for their districts and prevent a return to the same failed Bush policies that drove America into an economic ditch,” said DCCC executive director Jon Vogel, in the press release. “As these strong candidates continue building excitement for their campaigns to create jobs and help middle class families back home, the DCCC will help them become even more competitive in November.”The following are listed as “Top Races.” The incumbents are listed on the left side in parentheses. (There are a few open seats on the list.)The Democratic candidates are listed on the right, and there are a few races where there will be primaries:

• AZ-03 (Open-Shadegg) — John Hulburd

• CA-03 (Lungren) — Ami Bera

• CA-45 (Bono Mack) — Steve Pougnet

• DE-AL (Open-Castle) — John Carney

• FL-12 (Open-Putnam) — Lori Edwards

• IL-10 (Open-Kirk) — Primary

• NE-02 (Terry) — Tom White

• OH-12 (Tiberi) — Paula Brooks

• KS-04 (Open-Tiahrt) — Raj Goyle

• LA-02 (Cao) — Primary

• MN-06 (Bachmann) — Primary

• PA-06 (Gerlach) — Primary

• PA-07 (Open-Sestak) — Bryan Lentz

• PA-15 (Dent) — John Callahan

• SC-02 (Wilson) — Rob Miller

• TN-08 (Open-Tanner) — Roy Herron — The only Democratic-held seat on the list.

• WA-08 (Reichert) — Suzan Delbene

And these are “Emerging Races”:

• AK-AL (Young) — Harry Crawford

• AL-03 (Rogers) — Josh Segall

• CA-44 (Calvert) — Bill Hedrick

• FL-10 (Young) — Charlie Justice

• FL-16 (Rooney) — Chris Craft

• IL-13 (Biggert) — Scott Harper

• MN-03 (Paulsen) — Primary

• MO-08 (Emerson) — Tommy Sowers

• TX-32 (Sessions) — Grier Raggio