Carly Fiorina: ‘Every Speech Should Begin With A Shot Of Tequila’ (VIDEO)

Viva California!

Republican Senate nominee Carly Fiorina sure can trill, and both she and gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman seem to be able to hold their liquor.

Friday night at the Hispanic 100 Lifetime Achievement award dinner, the women — both former CEOs of Silicon Valley businesses — were captured on video doing tequila shots and getting into the spirit as a mariachi band played.

The video, shot and edited by NBC’s John Boxley and NBC’s Domenico Montanaro, also portrays Fiorina saying the night had “spoiled” her forever.

“I think every speech should begin with a shot of tequila,” Fiorina said, letting out a loud trill.NBC’s full write-up is here and you can watch their video below.

As we’ve reported, Whitman has focused heavily on attracting Hispanic voters, who make up a huge portion of California’s electorate. Her campaign was complicated by allegations she hired an illegal immigrant, but Whitman has been explicit about seeking votes from the Latino community.

“I want to work with Latinos; I can’t win the election without the Latino vote,” Whitman said at the dinner, adding a promise to include Latinos in her administration, according to NBC.

The Republicans are hardly the first to share a drink in hopes of winning votes. Remember Hillary Clinton in Indiana?

Both Fiorina and Whitman are locked in tight races with Democrats. Our coverage of the Senate race is here and the governors race is here.

Watch the video: