CA Republican On Sanchez’s ‘Vietnamese’ Comments: A ‘Shame’ (VIDEO)

California Assemblyman Van Tran (R), who is running against Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D) in California’s 47th district, appeared on Univision yesterday, and addressed comments Sanchez made on the network recently that “the Vietnamese and the Republicans” are trying to take her seat.Tran (who’s family was evacuated out of Saigon by the U.S. Army) called Sanchez’ comments “very, very unfortunate” and a “shame.”

“If there is anybody who shares the same values, the same aspirations, as an immigrant, it’s Van Tran, not Loretta Sanchez,” he said “She has been a representative in the area for 14 years — what’s she done? That’s the question. She is campaigning on a message of fear and negativity, and I am hoping to bring a message of hope and opportunity to our Latino neighbors and to all constituents in Orange County.”

Tran also dodged the host’s questions about amnesty, saying, “I don’t think it’s going to be that simple” when asked for a simple yes or no response.

Watch the video (overdubbed in Spanish):

(h/t OC Weekly)

[ed. note: The Univision video is overdubbed, and quotes were made out as best they could be from the Spanish and what was audible of Tran’s original English in the background.]