BREAKING: Coleman Lawyer Declares Trial “A Legal Quagmire”

Check out the response from Team Coleman to the election court having ruled against their request for reconsideration of the court’s opinion to throw out about 1,000 ballots that Coleman wants counted: They’re declaring that there are now serious legal problems in this election.

Coleman lawyer/spokesman Ben Ginsberg said in a statement to the Star Tribune that there is a “fatal inconsistency” in the counting of votes, and that the effect of the court’s ruling “is a legal quagmire that makes ascertaining a final legitimate result to this election even more difficult.”

The court’s rulings are creating a legal quagmire? I’ve been keeping track of this disputed result since Election Night itself, longer than even Ginsberg has been on board with Coleman. Trust me, we were in that zone a while ago.

Also note that Ginsberg questioned the possibility of a “legitimate” result to this election. It’s very clear at this point that Coleman is laying the groundwork for an appeal, should this court rule Franken the winner. And given some prior moments in this trial, we can’t rule out the idea that Coleman might shoot for a do-over, by declaring the election unsolvable.