Bachmann Promises To Grind Health Care Reform To A Halt

Michele Bachmann (R-MN) rallied the small tea party-style crowd outside the Capitol this morning by promising them that conservatives will stop the Democrats’ efforts to pass health care reform in the final week of debate.

“It’s the bottom of the 9th, and we’ve won every inning so far,” she said. “All we have to do is keep it up through Saturday.”Bachmann promised that tea party opponents of reform will stay on Capitol Hill this week, saying that if they do they’ll put and end to the process before it begins. “They want you to think they’ve won this,” she said. “But they’ve got another thing coming.”

As she has in the past, Bachmann again predicted a dire future for Americans if health care reform passes. At the the start of her remarks, she said her favorite sign from the rallies this year was one reading, “Grandma’s not shovel ready.” Bachmann said the sign suggested that the elderly will be denied care if the Democrats’ health care bill succeeds.

“We all know exactly what Obamacare will mean for millions of innocent Americans, don’t we?” she said to cheers. “And its not pretty.”